And This One's Introduced By... Garry Gray introduces the songs from the album We Mainline Dreamers by Garry Gray & Edward Clayton-Jones

Wednesday, 18 January 2023 - 11:00pm to Thursday, 19 January 2023 - 1:30am
This One's Introduced By... on 3CR

The preparation for this particular episode of 'And This One's Introduced By...'  is rather spooky, Garry Gray recently visited  Dr Gonzo's podcast studio to record song introductions for  'We Mainline Dreamers' the new album by Garry Gray and Edward Clayton-Jones. Alas disaster struck as the Doctor's computer inexplicably crashed and 3 introductions disappeared into the either.

Released on Loki Lockwood's Spooky records, Garry returned to record the introductions again, and the new recordings were saved. The next day the nefarious Mac spinning wheel of death appeared and a 'force quit program' command was initiated.          Upon reopening the particular audio editing application, Garry's 3 new song introductions were gone and it seemed like the ghosts in the machine were  trying to tell us something.

Garry Gray and Ed Clayton-Jones have both built up impressive musical  histories , Gary notably as vocalist with The Negatives, The Sacred Cowboys  and The Sixth Circle, while Ed  played in  The Wreckery, The Bad Seeds and many other groups.                      The pair of musicians are the sum of their musical experiences and cultural background.                    

Ed & Garry have combined their talent to record 'We Mainline Dreamers' a record that could  be called a 'Concept Album' that Garry describes as an album constructed in the classic sense, an album that takes the listener on a journey.

A series of observations arranged to produce a range of thoughts, feelings and emotions.                                                                      More precisely, it’s a psychological realism which delves into the "inner person" of a character's mind and motivation rather than focusing on external actions or motivators.                                                                                                                                                      The computer ghosts have relented and allowed Gary to tell his story about the songs on "We Mainline Dreamers".

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