And This One's Introduced By... David Bridie introduces the songs from his album It's been a while since our last correspondence

Wednesday, 30 August 2023 - 11:00pm to Thursday, 31 August 2023 - 12:30am
Dr Gonzo & David Bridie on 3CR

Musician David Bridie is something of a national treasure, founding Melbourne ambient world music group not drowning waving in 1983 with John Phillips.

The group went on to release six studio albums and two soundtracks until disbanding eleven years later, before reforming four times and releasing three compilation albums. In 1991 David Bridie and fellow Not Drowning Waving band members formed My Friend The Chocolate cake to play more acoustic-based material and went on to release seven studio albums, and numerous live and compilation collections. Since then there've been many solo albums and live performances.

One of david's attributes is his curiosity in exploring different cultures for inspiration, including rabaul in papua new guinea, collaborating with local artists and returning to PNG to play concerts including the capital Port Moresby, to an audience of 25,000.

Bridie's empathy and support of the less fortunate is apparent with the release of his latest album 'it's been a while since our last correspondence' with a spoken word piece by artist and refugee Farhad Bandesh backed by David's dub soundscape. The album is a powerful collaborative spoken word and music record with david bridie and 13 of his talented friends who each narrate a piece. Participants include the aforementioned Farhad Bandesh, Damian Dallinan, Edwina Preston, Deborah brown, Kit Kavanagh Ryan, Anthony Morgan, Matt Quartermaine, Kathleen Fallon, Kutcha Edwards, Arnold Zable, Danny Dickson, Catherine Deveny, Kerri Simpson and a piece by David Bridie entitled Sympathetic Martin, keep an ear out for that. David bridie joins dr gonzo to present his album It's A While Since Our Last Correspondence on And This One's Introduced By...

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