And This One's Introduced By... Chris ‘Klondike' Masuak introduces a selection of songs from his varied musical career

Wednesday, 27 March 2024 - 11:00pm to Thursday, 28 March 2024 - 1:30am
This One's Introduced By... on 3CR

Dr. Gonzo's arrival from another planet coincided with the mid-1970s, and he found himself at the Beverly Crest, a dive bar near his fleabag lodgings in salubrious St. Kilda. 

It was there that he witnessed Sydney band Radio Birdman take the stage, and in that moment, they were the greatest band in the world. 
The experience was nothing short of religious, forever altering his perspective.
One of the standout members of Radio Birdman was Chris ‘Klondike' Masuak, whose guitar playing was nothing short of incendiary. Since then, he has lent his exceptional sound to some of the most beloved hard rocking outfits, including The New Christs, The Hitmen, and The Screaming Tribesmen.

Chris remains active in the music scene, contributing his remarkable guitar skills and vocals to various groups in Australia and abroad. Some of these include Klondike’s North, Chris Boy King and The Kamloops Swing, The Juke Savages, and others that Chris will share with us.

Chris 'Klondike' Masuak is here with Dr Gonzo to introduce a selection of tracks from some of the bands he’s been associated with on And This One's Introduced By…


Keep in touch with Chris 'Klondike' Masuak at his website HERE and on his Facebook page HERE