And This One's Introduced By... Catherine McQuade introduces the songs from her 2nd solo album Kiss him goodbye

Wednesday, 9 November 2022 - 11:00pm to Thursday, 10 November 2022 - 12:30am
And This One's Introduced By on 3CR with Dr. Gonzo

Catherine McQuade is a smart and articulate musician and composer who's just released  Kiss Him Goodbye, a beautifully lush and intricate album. A creative and hardworking artist, Catherine McQuade has approached the recording of her introductions in a similar fashion to her enthusiasm and drive for recording her music.

The Kiss Him Goodbye album release party hit St Kilda's Memo Music Hall on November 19 2022 with the legendary Jack Howard (Hunters & Collectors) who launched his new album Lightheavyweight 2. Rosie Westbrook also launched her third album Always The Sea and was joined by renowned guitarist John Phillips of Not Drowning Waving fame.

Dave Graney and Claire Moore will also made a guest appearance during proceedings on which was a brilliant night of music.

I could wax lyrical about Catherine McQuade's long career as bass player with iconic post punk group The Ears and Deckchairs Overboard, but I'll leave you in the capable hands of Catherine McQuad to tell you about her story.

Catherine McQuad is here with Dr Gonzo to introduce her album Kiss Him GoodBye .

Please support the artist and visit Cathy's Bandcamp page HERE  and find out more on her website HERE