7 Apr 2019
Carmen and Leanne with Sarah Azjner
3 Mar 2019
Carmen Bateson with Nicole Gilliver of Grandvewe Cheeses
3 Feb 2019
Carmen Bateson with Kate and Ian Field
Bronwen and Francis Percival in the Valais, Switzerland
2 Dec 2018
Carmen Bateson, Richard Cornish, Carla Meurs, Bronwen Percival, Francis Percival, Andy Hatch, Mateo Kehler, Ian Powell and Alison Lansley
7 Oct 2018
Carmen and Leanne with Corinne Blacket
2 Sep 2018
Rachel Needoba explains the process of making handmade unhomogenised milk and yoghurt from a local Fleckvieh herd in Gippsland..
Carmen and Leanne with Rachel Needobar
5 Aug 2018
Sutton Grange farmhouse cheese makers Ann-Marie and Carla discuss life on the farm
Carmen Bateson and Leanne McLean in conversation Ann-Marie Monda nad Carla meurs
1 Jul 2018
Carmen Bateson and Leanne McLean