Special Feature: Warren Burt

Saturday, 16 July 2022 - 5:30pm

Special Feature: Warren Burt

Intro: The Amplified Elephants Shore from Deep Creatures 


Warren Burt: Experimental Music

Podcast produced by the Victorian Seniors Festival 


Warren selects pieces from different decades, which also deal with different kinds of music he's written over the years. While he mostly writes for electronic instruments, Warren also writes for voices, acoustic instruments, boat horns, environmental sounds, and (as Henry Cowell said) "the whole world of sound".

Warren Burt is a composer, performer, instrument builder, writer, video artist, radio producer and a bunch of other things. He started composing at 18, and hasn't stopped since. He started off in New York State, then moved to California, the subsequently lived in Europe and North America.

Since 1975 he's mostly been based in Australia and has taught in a number of different Australian institutions. He's written around 600-700 pieces using a number of methods, processes and ideas. He began working in radio back in the 1970s and for several years, worked at 3CR.



Original music by Warren Burt:

This is REAL A Journey in the Imagination 


A Bureaucrat Tells the Truth.  From Cellular Etudes (2012-2013) 

Eleven Short Anagrammatic Chance Poems (March 2008)

Lopsided Symmetries (1969)

Le Grand Ni Symphony, movement 5 (1978)

Voices Tuning Forks and Accordion (1986)

Hands and Samples (2006)

Harbour Symphony (July 2006) 

Watermoods 2: Heitor’s Dream (January 2006) 

Tomato – Fender Rhodes Electric Piano (2012) from Nightshade Etudes


Nightshade etudes: 



Bell Pepper

Nightshade . 


Convoluted Pragmatics - text Chris Mann April 08 

More Scraps from the Lab Floor 1996

Heat Stressed Pelicans At Swan Bay

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