Fuse :: Faithless

Saturday, 11 March 2023 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm

Intro: Is There A Hotline? “Line 5”


Day Breaks by Mat Watson (unreleased, 2007)


Interview with Mat Watson, a musician whose work spans experimental, improvisational and traditional forms. Mat will give the keynote address at FUSE Festival on March 16. This event is free but booking is essential: 




Mat is the first ever Artist Keynote speaker for FUSE festival.  The event, titled Regional echoes: From yabbies to freeform synthesis will be a discussion on his journey from growing up in rural Victoria to discovering a life in music, modular synthesisers and experimental sound. 


TRANSMISSIONS from Reflective Hits by Mat Watson (releases March 15).





V Faithless ft the Faithless Choir


Interview with V ahead of their ‘Faithless’ Album Launch at Federation Bells, March 31.


V Toll Keeper from ‘Faithless’ (releases March 31) 

Powerhouse Naarm underground artist V presents ‘Faithless’ - a mesmerising post-industrial composition for synth, voice, bass, vintage electronics, Mini Pops drum machine, choir, tape manipulation and Melbourne’s extraordinary public sound sculpture: the Federation Bells. 

On 'Faithless', sepulchral vocals and arpeggiated percussion are warped, distorted and mutated through an ever evolving cycle of cosmic gothic miasma, producing a haunting meditation on loss, yearning, psychic devastation and the failures of mental healthcare in contemporary Australia.

Check out Faithless and preorder the LP here: https://vlovescats.bandcamp.com/album/faithless

Event info here.



Abi Lee, Ollie Ledi Hanane and Ffion Stoakes recorded live at the Make it up Club 240123 


Melbourne based Analog Synth and Woodwind performer : Stevie Richards live at Grafodroom in Tallinn Estonia 24th May 2019