The Final Transmission

Saturday, 26 November 2022 - 5:30pm

Intro: The Amplified Elephants Shore from Deep Creatures   


The Final Transmission (Iceage, 2022) 


54 track album The Final Transmission features over 50 Australian and New Zealand artists both known and unknown on this triple album finale. Iceage is an Australian label specialising in electronic, experimental, noise, drone and industrial music from all over the globe. 


Featuring Bonnie Mercer, Alex Sims, Scattered Order, Sista Notorious, Spasmaslop, Constant Light, Siphonophore, Gillian Lever, Llara Isabell Arena, Grace Anderson, and many more.


Live recordings from the Make it up Club

230822 Karina Utomo and Shoshana Rosenberg

210622 Adam Haliwell