84 Pianos :: Iso Improv Ensemble :: Moles + Hall

Saturday, 11 July 2020 - 5:30pm to 7:00pm



Intro: Jessica at Birth Theft ward north 5 from Head On 


Clocked Out 84 pianos - Pandemic Edition


84 Pianos – Global Pandemic Edition was a one-time-only performance  live-streamed on June 12th, featuring  pianists performing live in their own homes & studios throughout Australia, plus the U.S. Canada, England, and New Zealand. During the performance listeners could engage with the YouTube live stream or visit the Locus Sonus Sound Map to listen to individual pianos and create their live mix http://locusonus.org/soundmap/051/


Director - Vanessa Tomlinson, Composer - Erik Griswold

Live sound mix - Leah Barclay, Live video mix - Greg Harm


84 Pianos was presented by Clocked Out, Queensland Conservatorium Research Centre, Tangible Media and the School of Creative Industries at USC.




Pianists – Louise Beare, Marie-Louise Bethune, Diana Blom, Emma Bond, Marilu Botes, Grace Bonfadini, Cam Bower, Wendy Brown, Pamela Buccini, Jesse Budel, Violet Chan, Natalia Carter, Jaidyn Chong, Caleb Colledge, Rebecca Cunningham, Tim Dargaville, Rosalie Day, Wendy Davis, Louise Denson, Matthew Dennett, Merinda Dias-Jayasinha, Jennifer Donovan, Elizabeth Drake, Alicia Elsom, Stephen Emmerson, Ciara Ferguson, Cindy Fox, Pam Freeman, Charlotte Fung, Sarah Gall, Bianca Gannon, Paula Girvan, Jane GrahamIsaac Graham, Catherine Grant, Anna Grinberg, Erik Griswold, William Griswold, Patricia Guthrie-Watt, Cameron Haigh, Elizabeth Handsley, Michael Hannan, Michael Kieran Harvey, Rachel Hocking, John Hoenig, Stuart James, Trevor Jones, Zubin Kanga, Maree Kilpatrick, Linda Kouvaras, David John Lang, Sonya Lifschitz, Sarah Matheson, Billy Mathieson, Sandi McMenamin, Lisa Miller, Judit Molnar, Ruth Munroe, Nicholas Ng, Alistair Noble, Colin Noble, Joseph O’Connor, Ron Ogden, Tomiyoshi Ota,Sean Quinn, Alex Raineri, Sharny Russell, Kathy Sanders, Tommy Seah, Rohan Seekers, Anton Sheptooha, Gabriella Smart, Crystal Smith, Alistair Spence, Oleg Stepanov, Arabella Teniswood-Harvey, Dan Thorpe, Vanessa Tomlinson, Cathryn Tully, Angela Turner, Federico Valdez, Andre Van, Liam Viney, Natasha Vlassenko, Peter Vowell, Jocelyn Wolfe, Felicity Wilcox, Liam Wooding, Kathryn Wyatt, Yitzhak Yedid, Xin Yi Tang.


Isolation Improvisation Collective Grid Lake I


Grid Lake I was performed by the Isolation Improvisation Collective and recorded live via remote video conference on 23/4/2020. The piece is an improvised reaction to a graphic score by visual artist, Briony Barr. The score was divided into 13 sections and offered to each performer as a starting point for the work. A duration of 20 minutes was agreed on prior to starting the improvisation.


This piece was originally premiered through Make It Up Club's online concert series on June 2nd, 2020.


The Isolation Improvisation Collective are:


Lachlan Thompson - Tenor Saxophone/Effects

Flora Carbo - Alto Saxophone

Sophie Weston - Alto Flute/Flute/Piccolo

Isha Ram Das - Electronics/Telematic Processing

Anthony Lyons - Buchla Music Easel/Modular Synthesiser

Theo Carbo - Guitar

Lucky Pereira - Drums/Percussion

Emma McMahon - Harp

Gordon Li - Percussion/Double Bass

Monica Lim - Electromagnetic Piano

Charlie Evans - Movement

Kathlene Campone - Movement

Giovanna Yate Gonzalez - Movement

Briony Barr - Drawing

Patrick Telfer - Audio Network Engineering

Gwen Lin - Video Editing


Mixed and mastered by Patrick Telfer

Maria Moles & Sam Hall “A Diamond And A Shard” from MIUC online concert #12 090620 

Saturday 5:30pm to 7:00pm
A local independent, alternative, noise, soundscape, soundart, and improvised music show.


Nat Grant