Growing up Autistic in a Neurotypical World

22 Mar 2024 - 12:00pm to 3:30pm
Join award winning autism advocate and consultant Bryce Pace and his mother Angela as they explore their own journey with autism and all the successes and challenges that come with growing up Autistic in a Neurotypical world.
From Angela raising 2 autistic sons to Bryce’s experience of growing up as an autistic and bisexual individual. You will have the opportunity to learn new strategies to support the autistic in your life from those who understand it most.
Some of the topics that will be explored include diagnosis, raising autistics, the school experience, independent living, LGBTQIA+ identity, employment, and self-advocacy.
There will also be the opportunity to ask Bryce and Angela questions in a Q&A session and after the presentation to chat with them individually
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