Epoch Exhibition

2 Nov 2023 - 7:00pm to 10:00pm

Annual Exhibition of the Diploma of Visual Arts - Painting & Printmaking

Thursday November 2nd at 7pm

A-Space Gallery Building A, 77 St Georges Road, Preston


Please join us at A Space Gallery to celebrate the achievements of Melbourne Polytechnic Diploma of Visual Arts students in printmaking and painting. 


The class of 2023 is a diverse group of artists who together in exhibition, create a rich tapestry of passion, specialties and inspiration. 

This year's logo is based on artwork created by printmaker Astrid Fisher. The woven texture brings together two threads. It's an expression of the intertwining of the 13 exhibiting artists to one rich and tactile show. It also represents the continuing tradition of strong, emerging artists who have grown their practice and expertise through study at Melbourne Polytechnic. 


On behalf of the 2023 Epoch team, you are warmly invited to join us from 6pm on the 2nd November for this very special opening event where we will be joined by a very special guests, Melbourne-based contemporary artist, Adriane Strampp. There will be drinks and nibbles to share and we will toast the achievements of this uniquely talented group. 


Exhibition runs Fri 3.11.32 - Thu 9.11.23 10am - 3pm (Sat & Sun Closed)


Follow @epochexhibition for raffle prizes, exhibition details and updates. 

Enquiries: epochexhibition2023@gmail.com