9 Nov 2023 - 12:00am to 11:45pm

            Over two  decades back, some environmental "Indy" from Brunswick stood against the ALP to prove you could try. Foremost in his positions was a declaration that the future of his Northern Neighbourhood would have a developing Arts aspect.

            Just two of the many current examples of that spectacular evolution could not be more distinctly different:

            Soonest upcoming is the Glenroy Artists' Group who will have their Annual Art & Craft show on Saturday 18th Nov from 10am till 4pm & Sunday 19th from 10am till 3pm in the community rooms between Sussex Neighbourhood House & the Pascoe Vale Swimming Pool, in Prospect St. just off Cumberland Rd. The two-day show, & hopefully sell, offers only original creative work, with a small commission going to GAG (probably for tea & coffee).

Throughout the year this very long-standing tri-weekly oddity offers members the opportunity to attend any part of an unscheduled & extensive chance to pursue one's own artistic inclinations. While most of those involved are senior women of skill & commitment, the members include occasional "young" men, & even those initially challenged by stick figures, who ask for particular guidance about which way to hold a pencil. The ambience varies from lively & informed discussion or personal chat, through to a silence beyond our State Library's reading room ! Items offered at the November display range from distinctly varied paintings to innovative jewellery, & Recycled Woodcraft gifts & homewares.

            From a completely different angle, this year has seen the emergence of COBURG  MAKERS  MARKET at 69 Charles St. in Far North Coburg.  Along Sussex St. gives easiest access to a "converted" old textile factory where the produce inside these days is more emphatically young, rather gay, & profoundly innovative. This year's final 2-day event on December 2nd & 3rd between 11am & 4pm will offer dozens of artistic endeavours, including the creations of one unique woodworker making marvels from re-used magic.

            This marvellous emergence of Northern Melbourne's Arts Scene contains a sometimes strange range of other local presentations, even that scruffy old sod at 50 Cornwall St. in West Brunswick, still making some "things" from almost nothing bits of wood & leather. And the more stylish half of the house offers art, jewellery, & who knows what next. Their times, dates, & arrangements can be pursued through 9383 7673, 0401 889 351, or