Disability Day 2016

Saturday, 3 December 2016 - 12:30pm
Disability Day 3 December 7am - 7pm

Saturday 3 December is International Day of People with Disability. Tune in for 12 hours of radical community radio, by, for and about People with Disability. We'll meet activists and performers in the City of Yarra who are fighting for accessible and equal communities. We've got live music with Are You Looking At Me? and Let Your Freak Flag Fly, with performances from Eddie Ink and Ross de Vent. And tune in for special disability day editions of Stick Together, Solidarity Breakfast, Radioactive Show, Progressive Beats and much, much more. Access All Areas! 3CR, Saturday 3 December, 7.00am to 7.00pm.

Audio coming soon ...

7.00am - Stick Together

The NDIS has been hailed as a great leap forward for people with disability. Stick Together talks with unions, service users and their families about the market principles of the NDIS, and what they mean for service users and the workers who support them. This week’s episode also explores the threat privatisation poses to high disability services and the unions’ fight to prevent the privatisation. Listen now.

7.30am - Solidarity Breakfast

Solidarity Breakfast talks to the AED Legal Centre about a national campaign for Wage Justice for people with disability. Continuing 3CR’s 40th birthday celebrations we look at progress in disability rights during the past four decades, and we talk to Disability Sport and Recreation about inclusive sporting activities in Victoria. Listen now.

9.00am - Poems from the Madhouse

Sandy Jeffs has lived with schizophrenia for nearly 40 years and published seven books of poetry, including her best-selling Poems from the Madhouse. Sandy describes herself as a public loony and an old and submerging poet.  She presented some of her poetry recently at the Valid Building Inclusive Communities Forum, and spoke to 3CR about the need for Mad Pride. Listen now.

9.30am - Palestine Remembered

Palestine Remembered presenter Yousef Alreemawi has been a presenting his own show at 3CR since 2004. For International Day of People with a Disability, Yousef will share his story of growing up as a Palestinian refugee with a disability in Saudi Arabia. Yousef's parents fled Palestine when he was a baby and came to live as refugees in Saudi Arabia via Jordan. Growing up in the middle east in the 80's, schools were not disability friendly and equipment to increase access was difficult to obtain. With the support of his family he was able to complete his education and Yousef now resides in Melbourne, working as translator, editor and political advisor, besides his role as a presenter of a weekly program on 3CR. Listen now.

10.00am - Radioactive Show

The Radioactive Show will feature an interview with Yami Lester, a Yankunytjatjara man of northern South Australia who was blinded by a "black mist" -fallout from in the 1950’s.  As a young man, he joined the Aboriginal Advancement League in Adelaide.  However, he wanted to take more direct action. He began as a welfare worker and interpreter for the courts in Alice Springs and went on to work extensively in the areas of Aboriginal education and language and land rights. A significant contribution has been gaining recognition for the survivors of the atomic tests at Maralinga and Emu Field. He is now the Ambassador of the No Dump Alliance that has been successfully opposing the imposition of a nuclear waste dump in SA. Listen now.

10.30am - Unitarian Half Hour

Our guest speaker is Julie Phillips, manager of Victoria’s Disability Discrimination Legal Service, a statewide independent community legal centre that specialises in using human rights legislation to assist people with disabilities gain their rights. Listen now.

11.00am - L'Arche Special

L'Arche communities started 52 years ago in Paris in response to the needs of people with disabilities. People with and without intellectual disabilities share their lives and live side by side. A new L’Arche community has recently been set up in Melbourne. Raising Our Voices explores how the philosophy and work of L'Arche exemplifies a revolutionary way of life for all of us. Listen now.

12.00pm - NDIS comes to the City of Yarra!

The National Disability Insurance Scheme came to the City of Yarra and other areas of Melbourne in 2016. We talk to people with disability and advocates from 3CR’s local community about their experiences with the NDIS so far, and their plans and hopes for a better future. Listen now.

1.00pm - Building Inclusive Communities

The NDIS works mainly through individual planning and funding, so that people with disability have the supports they need to live a decent quality of life and achieve their goals. But will more individual planning create the inclusive society that people with disability want and need? The Valid Building Inclusive Communities forum explored whether the market-based, individualised approach of the NDIS could undermine collaborative and collective action that could achieve more inclusion and access for more people, to build truly inclusive communities. Listen now.

2.00pm - Are You Looking At Me?

Join Liz Wright for an afternoon of poetry, performance and conversation with singer and musician Ross de Vent, actor Kate Hood and singer-songwriter Eddie Ink.

Listen now Ross de Vent.

Listen now Kate Hood.

Listen now Eddie Ink.

4.00pm - Progressive Beats

A Disability Day edition of Progressive Beats with Jarrod Marrinon, spinning progressive house, electronica and dance tracks from local and international artists with a disability. Listen now.

5.00pm - The Boldness

Students from Nelson Park School in Geelong recently worked with the famed Back to Back Theatre to create a radio play. Rosie thinks it is just going to be an ordinary day at school. Until her science experiment malfunctions. Rosie and her three sidekicks - the school chickens - are flung to the far reaches of magical worlds, where they solve problems and create magic! Phineas Meere and Raphael Kaleb talk to the artists involved and we listen to Rosie’s Latest Adventure. Listen now.

5.30pm - Let Your Freak Flag Fly

Let’s get the freak out of Disability Day! Live music with bands and co-presenters.

Boggannos - Listen now.

The Night Before Tomorrow - Listen now. 




3CR presenter Jane Rosengrave
3CR’s Disability Day Broadcast presented and produced by people with disabilities and chronic illness.



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