Yarra Drug & Health Forum - An empowering, person centered approach to Substance Use and Mental Health

Sunday, 11 October 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Jack Revell from Drugswrap talks the week in drug news with us.

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DanceWize have launched a campaign aimed at addressing some of the key issues that people who choose to take drugs may face. The campaign is 'Looking After Our Mates' and you can see it on their YouTube channel

October Online Forum: An empowering, person centered approach to Substance Use and Mental Health

Designed and delivered by staff from Nexus Dual Diagnosis Service, Harm Reduction Victoria, Mind Australia and Wellways.

Brought to you by NEMHSCA, Yarra Drug and Health Forum and Yarra Mental Health Alliance. 

Harm reduction is a recovery oriented essential practice that can be used by any health care worker regardless of the setting. 

It values the consumers own experiences with substance use and mental health and supports their expertise in planning and decision-making. In this webinar viewers will be introduced to the principle’s of Dual Diagnosis and Harm Reduction. Viewers will hear real stories using interviews and animations on how staff and consumers from Mental Health settings implemented the Before, During and After Harm Reduction tool and some of the outcomes from using this approach. Viewers will be guided to free Harm Reduction resources to use with consumers and understand why Harm Reduction is a practice that shouldn’t be limited to Drug and Alcohol workers.

Sunday 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Harm reduction and drug law reform activism, a counter voice to current drug narratives. Breathing reality into the myths, fabrications and distortions that exist around drugs. News, academia, and culture.


Nick Wallis, Ash Blackwell and regular co-hosts