EGA - Kathleen Harrison Talk

Sunday, 5 July 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Standing With The Waters : A Benefit Album For Standing Rock
by Aquatic Collective

Kathleen Harrison - Veins Of Light: Feminine Awareness & Visionary Medicine

Entheogenesis Australis Dec 8th 2017, Melbourne Australia.

Synopsis What is the role of feminine awareness in relationship to visionary species? We often personify powerful plant species as spirits, many of them female. We can examine how this perception affects our relationship with them and their effect on us.
Curiosity, compassion, and truth-telling are qualities that plants and mushrooms sometimes exhibit, just as we do. Let's follow that line of thought together. 

Bio Kathleen Harrison, M.A., is an ethnobotanist who has worked in the field since the 1960s.
She is informed by long relationships with indigenous healers, California subcultures, an array of expert naturalists, and her own decades of psychedelic curiosity. She co-founded the organization Botanical Dimensions with Terence McKenna in 1985, and continues as its perennial Program Director, initiating ongoing projects in Mexico, Peru, California and Hawaii.
Kat has taught globally for both universities and many conferences. She is currently based and teaching at the Botanical Dimensions Ethnobotany Library, in Northern California. She specializes in the study of nature-based worldviews, patterns of belief, ritual, healing, art and the plants that live where they evolved.