Part 2, Kitty and Future of Festivals and Know Your Stuff NZ

Sunday, 3 May 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Ash touches on some news, including this apparent plan to re-purpose the Passive Alert Detection dog (Sniffer dog) program, Expert reveals how Aussie sniffer dogs could fight coronavirus

Angus green - Vital Techniques & MC Pean - Bun up the Ting [Angus Green Remix] 

Covid Policing Part 2

Listen to part 1 here

Kitty Forest

Nick chats with Kitty about the future of festivals and the last party on Earth.

Pandemic Party – Tribal Gathering Panama Locked Down With 100s of Doofers Stranded

Reports are coming in from Panama that hundreds of doofers, artists and crew have been placed in a forced lockdown by the army on the Tribal Gathering site due to fears the number of international travellers at the festival may infect the local population with COVID-19.

Organisers of the event, Geoparadise, posted on their Facebook page

Tip of the Iceberg- How COVID 19 is Impacting the Underground and How You Can Help

Unless you’ve been hiding in your fully prepped bunker in the middle of the desert with no wifi to wait out the apocalypse, you’d be well aware that COVID 19 has decimated the entire music industry, taking the underground electronic scene with it.

Half Wild put out the call a few weeks ago to musicians and businesses in the industry to let us know how they’ve been impacted and how our readers can help. We were so overwhelmed with responses, it brought us to tears at Half Wild HQ. So many cries for help that we can’t possibly publish them all. So instead, we’ll bring you a series of articles and features to help promote those in need it as well as a special something we’re holding up our sleeves to announce real soon.

Know Your Stuff NZ

Ash chats with Rhiannon from Know Your Stuff NZ about sensible advice for people who take drugs during a pandemic.