Harm Reduction as Covid-19 Settles in

Sunday, 12 April 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Our first show back after a Covid-19 hiccup / cough. 

We've been experimenting with ways to keep in contact during isolation. Like many, we have started using Zoom to conduct interviews and have been producing both live and pre-recorded video for our social media channels.

During the Facebook Live chat, we caught up with:

Dr. Stephen Bright

Senior Lecturer in AOD at Edith Cowan University and head of AOD Media Watch

Sione Crawford

Harm Reduction Victoria - Executive Officer

Steph Tzanetis

DanceWize Program Coordinator - Harm Reduction Victoria 

You can watch the technical disaster of a live show here, but I recommend just listening to the podcast.

The HRVic website has a special section on COVID-19 for people who use drugs. 

The following posters are downloadable as high quality files at the HRVic website.