Cannabis with Jorian, FungiMap Citizen Science project and Melbourne Psilocybin trial

Sunday, 2 February 2020 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Nick and Ash discuss the week in news and the stagnation of sensible regulation for those who choose to use a nicotine vape.

Jorian Gardner

Former Canberra radio jock and current advisor to Fiona Patten MLC, with a passion for cannabis law reform. Jorian joins the program to talk cannabis legalisation in his former home territory and what's on the horizon for cannabis law reform in Victoria.

Dr. Martin Williams

Psychedelic Research In Science and Medicine (PRISM) President, Dr. Martin Williams provides an update on the St. Vincent (Melbourne) psilocybin trial for end of life anxiety. 

Mama Wonkita at RSF 2017

Fungi Map

Cameron from Fungi Map talks to us about this important citizen science initiative.

We are mapping the distribution of fungal species over time around Australia and we do this thanks to the work of hundreds of volunteers – professional and amateurs – who send us the records of their observations from the remotest parts of Australia to parks and gardens in our cities.

We spread the word about the ecological importance of fungi.

We advocate for fungal conservation and investment in mycology

We assist by providing online field guides and tools for identification, help with conducting fungi forays and observation record templates. We hold events and training in fungal identification.

We also:

  • oversee fungal observation records for transfer to the Atlas of Living Australia database
  • established a rare species database for tracking rare and threatened species
  • support regional fungal study groups
  • publish books on fungi and links to other sources of knowledge
  • hold national and local events and training in fungal identification and surveying
  • publish enewsletters and occasional blogs
  • encourage and support state-based and regional fungi groups
  • provide educational resources to primary and secondary school teachers
  • offer advice in effective management of fungi to land managers

We use the data from observations and the work of mycologists and researchers to inform government and the broader community about the ecological importance of fungi and the need for much more research and protection to avoid species loss.