Rainbow Serpent Festival 2019 - Culture Wars & Australian Festivals

Sunday, 20 October 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Today's show was recorded live at Rainbow Serpent Festival in January this year.
The video is available to watch on Rainbow's YouTube channel.

We're hoping to do a second part to this panel at Rainbow Serpent Festival in 2020 and focus deeper on current issues, but always with context to the broader story.
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Sorry for this cheesy intro. I was tired and getting a little too sensual with the microphone.

Our topic was Australian Festivals and the Culture Wars. A topic familiar to regular listeners of this show.
Our focus on this show is drug policy. We talk about policy in a broad sense: Our laws, social conventions, education, justice system and so on.
Underneath this all is the reality of human lives.
And for as long as there has been humanity, there has been a quest to explore new frontiers.
But, there is always also a wondering, a pondering. How far is too far? Which paths should be less tread?
And, in response, some choose to quest anyway, wondering whether what is said to be, really is?