Client Focus at MSIR and South African Drug Reform Activism

Sunday, 22 September 2019 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Nick and Ash discuss the week in drug news


Dubarray - Flow Like Water, from the Sound of Prana album


David Shoebridge MLC (NSW Greens) joins the program


Judy Ryan - Victoria Street Drug Solutions RVSDS continues its work at the grassroots level of this community through membership of the Richmond Estate Public Tenants Association, consisting of marginalised women who just want to be heard and respected, and have functioning washing machines/secured laundries, better security, and supervised homework clubs and playgrounds for their kids.

There are more communities that need MSIR trials in their areas, such as Hoppers Crossing, Footscray, St Kilda, Dandenong and Frankston.

Some of the issues Judy talked with us about were:

  1. The development of a space for clients to go when they leave the facility.
  2. Manage the presence of drug dealers in the MSIR vicinity 
  3. Commence a trial of hydromorphone at the MSIR
  4. Massive injection of government funds into the renewal of the housing estate 

This is a huge issue for the tenants and the community more broadly. The inexcusable degraded nature of these towers is a constant reminder of the misery and poverty of the area, therefore (according to the detractors) exacerbating the drug dealing/using and opposition to the MSIR.


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