EP175 - Vic Election 2018 Politician Panel

Sunday, 11 November 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

Greg Denham, Executive Officer of the Yarra Drug & Health Forum recently returned from a short work trip to Canada, where he spoke with groups running supervised injecting centres and spoke to professionals working in Canada's drug policy space. Greg's trip also coincided with Canada legalising the recreational market for cannabis.


Richard Wynne MLA (ALP)
Member for Richmond

Judy Ryan (Reason)
Candidate for Richmond

(Note: Liberals informed YDHF they would not be running a candidate in the seat of Richmond. This is the seat where the medically supervised injecting centre resides and as far as we know at this point, the Liberals are still promising to close this centre if elected.)

Nina Springle MLC (Greens)
Member for South-Eastern Metropolitan Region

Fiona Patten MLC (Reason)
Member for Northern Metropolitan Region

Stephen Jolly (Socialists)
Candidate for Northern Metropolitan Region

Hosted by Yarra Drug & Health Forum
Executive Officer: Greg Denham
Chair: Peter Wearne