EP83 - SSDP January

Sunday, 29 January 2017 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm


Sam from SSDP Swinburne


Tim, Communications Officer for SSDP Australia talking about their statement on pill testing.


SSDP Webinar with Dr. Monica Barratt and Will Tregoning of Unharm


Papa Chango

Subterranean trance-like movements of afro-beat mashed-up with psychedelic guitar lines and scatterings of broken brass is the order and Papa Chango delivers like no other. Unique in this thriving Melbourne scene they take it to the gritty edge, melding banging technique with playful exuberance. This Melbourne based 9-piece brings audiences to a sweat on packed dance-floors, evoking a hidden spirit within.


Bluetongue - Bending the Narrative EP - Retrospect

Driven by staunch, funky bass lines, the Bluetongue sound is a deep, eclectic blend of glitchy, percussive stabs, dark, foreboding soundscapes and textured, melodic counterparts, with other habitual elements from a wide range of electronica and different musical styles, meticulously infused within the mix.


Goosbumpz - Zenith EP - Zenith