EP1 - Harm Reduction Victoria and Andrew McMillen

Sunday, 5 July 2015 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm
Talking Smack Cover

This is the first episode of Enpsychedelia on 3CR. Nick, Ash and Greg cover news in the first segment.


Jane and Nadia from Harm Reduction Victoria (HRV) join the program to talk about their roles at HRV, how they became involved with harm reduction and their hopes for the future.


Andrew McMillen is the author of Talking Smack and joined Enpsychedelia to discuss his book and how it was received across Australia more broadly.

Of all the creative industries, the most distinct link between drug use and creativity lies within music. The two elements seem to be intertwined, inseparable; that mythical phrase “sex, drugs and rock and roll” has been bandied about with a wink and a grin for decades. But is it all smoke and mirrors, or does that cliché ring true for some of our best-known performers?

In this fascinating book, journalist Andrew McMillen talks with Australian musicians about their thoughts on – and experiences with – illicit, prescription and legal drugs. Through a series of in-depth and intimate interviews, he tells the stories of those who have bitten into the forbidden fruit and avoided choking.

Finally on the show, we discuss a range of topics around reforming drug policy in Australia. Greg Kasarik is online here.