The Block and Our Survival Day 2023

Monday, 23 January 2023 - 2:30pm to Monday, 30 January 2023 - 3:00pm

This week our guest Kayla shares what survival means to her and what we can look forward to at Our Survival Day 2023.  Guled explores the issues that inspired his project 'The Block'.

Kayla is a proud Gurindji Woman and founder of Our Songlines  

Guled is an architecturally trained multi-disciplinary artist, his project, The Block, is an architectural exploration of inner-city housing estates.

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Melbourne Invasion Day Protest

Mo'Ju — Money

Dallas Woods FEAT Jerome Farah — HOODLUM 

Tems — No Woman No Cry

Monday 2:30pm to 3:00pm
A show that provides a platform for people interested in ideas about home, community, and belonging.


Ayan Shirwa.