Mr Congo and Grounding Disability Justice

Monday, 29 November 2021 - 2:30pm to 3:00pm

Kicking off the show is a man of many hats, Mr Congo. Mr Congo is a DJ, poet and mental health clinician based in Melbourne. Check out his music here.

And later in the program Disability Justice advocate Pauline Vetuna discusses Disability Day 2021. She also outlines the labour that goes into creating a 12-hour program!

Special track: Demonstration 2020 by Persecutor

Image 1: Grounding Disability Justice (Renay Barker-Mulholland)

Image 2: Mr Congo. Image supplied

Monday 2:30pm to 3:00pm
A show that provides a platform for people interested in ideas about home, community, and belonging. Hosted by Bigoa Chuol and Ayan Shirwa.Regular contributors Serious Meerkat and Cookie.


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