Summer Special: Archival interview with Norm Wallace (Pt. 2)

Friday, 2 February 2024 - 5:30pm

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 This episode features Part 2 of the remastered archival interview with Norm Wallace (1926-2018), former BLF Branch Treasurer and organiser, conducted by Bobby Mancor, Shirley Winton and Andy Wallace around the kitchen table in 2015.

 Part 2 of this discussion begins when 20-year-old Norm returns from service in WWII, and his odd jobs in fruit picking, timber and factory work when 'rough living was what you did'. 
 Later, at the Woomera Rocket Range, he began organising as a shoppy for the AWU and forming a job committee, when there were strict laws against industrial action, later joining the BLF and moving to Melbourne in 1949.

 This episode also covers his invitation to join their executive committee, Industrial Group 'groupers', dereg, memorable characters, the BLF's frequent well-attended and 'lively' meetings, also work conditions and other changes over the years.

 You can also check out the publication Never Powerless, which Norm was an important part of producing.

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