Episode 6.2: Brendan Pitt

Friday, 22 December 2023 - 5:30am

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 This week's featured Creature of the Industry is the recently retired Brendan Pitt, who first dipped his toe in the industry in the Northern Territory working for John Holland. The training all really started, however, in 1981 when he was called in on a shutdown at the Shell refinery in Geelong where they needed a trade assistant, bringing him in contact with staunch organisers and down a path of unionism with the FIA, FEDFA and CFMEU. This long-format interview follows his experience of disputes, working away from home, the struggle for dignified wages, and heaps more. 

Creatures of the Industry
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A project by the Concrete Gang, recording the history of the building and construction industry in Melbourne since the 1960s, as remembered by those who built this city and helped establish the industrial landscape we work in today.


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