Episode 5.6: Andy Wallace

Friday, 10 November 2023 - 5:00pm
5.6 guest: Andy Wallace

 The sixth and final episode of Creatures of the Industry Series 5 features an extended interview with recently retired Andy Wallace who, for the first time on the podcast, gives an account of the industry from the perspective of the plumbing sector, namely that of sprinkler-fitters. 

 Beginning in what he describes as a 'lucky era with the BLs and the plumbers', with his brother and Uncle Norm already involved with the Union, he talks about his standout memories and people, general industry issues encountered in his decades of work and organising, as well as specifics pertaining to sprinkler-fitters from the '80s onward: tensions with registered plumbers and metalworkers, issues with the Plumbers' Federal Award, hard-fought pay and conditions which benefit all workers, being there for the crew, and heaps more. 


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