City Limits - Housing in a time of Hard Lockdown

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 - 9:00am to 10:00am

It is a huge week in housing this week after the detention of 3,000 public housing tenants has been announced and enforced by police in Victoria.  

Today Kevin and Meg kick off the show with an interview with Scott Stewart, a tenant from one of the 9 blocks in so-called "hard-lockdown", who is joined by Daniel Nair Dadich, Victorian Socialists Candidate for Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne. We discuss the online forum ("Public Housing Residents in Lockdown Speak Out"), co-hosted by Vic Socialists and Campaign Against Racism and Fascism, as well as Scott's lived experience in his Flemington high-rise flat. 

Next, we are joined by regular Shane McGrath from Housing for the Aged Action Group to chat about housing insecurity, anecdotes on a lack of real legal tenants protections, why there's no better time to join your union, and more. 

Lastly, we speak with Howard Marosi from Friends of Public Housing and Dr. Sam Lieblich, to take a look at housing insecurity as a direct cause for many psychiatric issues, classism, and how the immediate mobilisation and work of community-led organisations such as AMSSA have put DHHS to shame in supporting residents in the towers thus far. 

Wednesday 9:00am to 10:00am
Urban environment issues, analysing government services, both federal and state and local campaigns.


Kevin Healy, Zeb Peake & Karina Aedo-Aguilera



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