Phin Meere, Raphael Kaleb, Jen Frank, Phil Heuzenroeder
Phin Meere & Raphael Kaleb
The Boldness Bee Love flyer, includes photo of Fish Emulsion Fertiliser Multicrop Soil Treatment and other gardening products on shelving sold by 3CR. Text on sign says Ecofish $20. Eco Oil $8. Ecowet $10. Groundbreaker $5. Organic Weedkiller $8. Bug guard $5. Eco Neem $15. Eco Lime $20. Eco hydyrate $15. Contact 3CR for details.
Raphael Kaleb and Gizem interview Kath Duncan about gardening.
18 Dec 2019
Raphael Kaleb and Gizem
Phin,Raphael & Gizem speak to Naomi Chainey
Presenters - Raphael Kaleb, Phin Meere; guests - Mike Rolls, Kathyrn Carey
Guest: Kristan Emerson presenters: Raphel Kaleb and Phineas Meere
21 Aug 2019
Presenter - Phineas Meere; guest - Suresh Rajam