Accent of Women

22nd September 2015
The mothers of the missing Mexican students, the Ayotzinapa 43, speak about their journey searching for the truth and justice
Alternative News

Alternative News

12th July 2015
Greek Crisis, NAIDOC Week, US Human Rights Record
Anarchist World host Joe Toscano

Anarchist World

23rd September 2015
This is a pre-recorded program. There are two tribes in Australia.

Asia Pacific Currents

26th September 2015
Anti government mobilisations in Malaysia and labour updates from the Asia Pacific region
What did Malcolm Turnball think in 2010 about our future in regards to climate change?

Beyond Zero - Community

Beyond Zero - Tech

Beyond Zero - Science and Solutions

2nd October 2015
BZE talks to Alicia Webb


30th September 2015
Dan McGuiness, Mick Seymour and Adam Pollock from the BiPolar Bears and the Wild@heART Community showcase their music, discuss the origins of the band, their influences and how music and arts can be used as an outlet for recovery from mental health issues.
Chin Radio

Chin Radio

3rd September 2015
Chinland Thawng, Community Thawng, le Zaanglek Thawng
Professor Paddy Moriarty

City Limits

30th September 2015
What measures will cities have to take to prepare for the effects of climate change?

Dirt Radio

7th September 2015
Campaigning against coal in Australia: a look back, lessons learned, the next campaign


12th September 2015
The privatisation of the school system in Chile got so out of hand that in 2013, the re-publicisation of education became an election issue and saw a process of deep transformation to the education system occur with the banning of tuition fees, profit-making and selective admission practices in all private / religious schools that receive state funding. www.adogs.info
Eritrean Voices

Eritrean Voices

3rd August 2015
Demonstration in Sweden

Fire Up Plumbers

3rd September 2015
Fortnightly round-up from the Plumbers Trade Union
Freedom of Species

Freedom of Species

Presenters Gwen Elliot, Pam Vardy, AB, and Millie Ross

Gardening Show

27th September 2015
Gardening Show with news, tips & events
Green Left Weekly Radio

Green Left Weekly Radio

2nd October 2015
Weekly round up of weekly national and international news; Interview with Catherine Moir regarding the election of Jeremy Corbyn in the UK


23rd September 2015
Shane and Tegan talk about recent housing news, including the recent CHP conference and awards.
Keep Left

Keep Left

25th September 2015
Issues with a left analysis

Left After Breakfast

18th September 2015
WWI Sedition charges, Exploited fast food workers, Malcolm is all Bull.
A fireball or bolide seen over the Flinders Rangers, SA, in 2011 (photo by C m handler, via Wikimedia Commons)

Lost In Science

1st October 2015
Citizen scientists seeing Fireballs in the Sky, improbable research that makes you laugh and makes you think, and possible anti-cancer prunes.


7th August 2015
Celebrando el cumpleaños de Mafalda
Sally Goldner, 3CR's Out of the Pan

Out of the Pan

4th October 2015
6 guests from the youth Chrous
Palestine Remembered

Palestine Remembered

12th September 2015
Haya Muneer Kildani on Jordan, human rights, migration and more

Published or Not

1st October 2015
Riddles, hippies, a mother and daughter

Queering the Air

Radical Australia

Radical Australia

1st July 2015
Interview with community activist and Save Albert Park campaigner Barbara Clinton Brown
Radical Philosophy

Radical Philosophy

1st October 2015
Domestic Work and Feminism

Radioactive Show

3rd October 2015
The dirt on Pine Gap, the morality of drones and the 2005 citizen's inspection.
Raising Our Voices presenters

Raising Our Voices

9th September 2015
Human rights in action: learning from social justice advocates

Renegade Economists

30th September 2015
Eco Taxes and the intricacies in a world of WTO laws


24th September 2015
Nicole Ma talks about the making of Putuparri & the Rainmakers
3CR spoken word, Audacious, Melbourne spoken word, Benjamin Solah

Spoken Word

17th September 2015
Featuring the new Audacious spoken word CD.
Banksy street art

Stick Together

30th September 2015
We will be covering the latest stories of workers' struggles from around Australia and the world. We'll highlight the recent action by United Voice Victoria to defend penalty rates. Also joining us for the show will be Craig Kelly, the Assistant Secretary of AMWU Victoria Branch, to discuss the latest protest against Transfield and a broader campaign for refugee rights within the union movement.
The Boldness hosts, crew and producers


16th September 2015
Quippings' Auslan-interpreted Melbourne Fringe Show
3CR Station


11th September 2015
We have an interview with someone involved in the solidarity action at the Malaysian Consulate after the eviction of the Rumah Api Social Centre. We also have an interview with Kieran from the Dole Action Group about changes to the Dole, and organising against these changes.
Tuesday Hometime

Tuesday Hometime

22nd September 2015
European history, Human Rights Council in Sri Lanka, Equador and Venezuela

Wednesday Breakfast

24th June 2015
Dr Jeanette Pritchard of the Monash Vision Group discusses her TEDxStKIlda talk on bionic vision
Photo of Lesley and Tammy Williams

Women on the Line

5th October 2015
Mother and daughter authors Lesley and Tammy Williams chat with us about their newly released book, 'Not Just Black And White - A Conversation Between a Mother and Daughter'. The book is a memoir about Lesley and Tammy shared journey which is rooted in shedding light on the untold stories of Aboriginal domestic servants and labourers who were never paid for their work.
Belinda Heyward touring the fjordlands of Norway


5th October 2015
Belinda Heyward joins us to talk about cycling the fjordlands in Norway