Accent of Women

12th May 2015
We discuss the situation of political prisoners in Peru over the last 20 years, and how they use art as a therapeutic tool
Anarchist World host Joe Toscano

Anarchist World

27th May 2015
Mabo Day, it's importance and why we should celebrate it!

Asia Pacific Currents

9th May 2015
Regional labour updates and Organising migrant workers on the Thai-Burma border and in Malaysia
Green jobs - what is the transition?

Beyond Zero - Community

18th May 2015
Transitioning to a no-carbon economy, where will the green jobs come from?
Beyond Zero - Tech

Beyond Zero - Science and Solutions

29th May 2015
BZE talks to Sam Wilkinson


20th May 2015
Members of music band Full Mental Jacket Steve, Christian and Justin discuss the band and showcase their music
Kevin Healy

City Limits

20th May 2015
This week we dicuss housing - who has it, who still needs it, and the wealth inequalities therein.

Dirt Radio

25th May 2015
Melbourne students examine the climate change crisis through writing and story-telling


9th May 2015
Private schools and their bankrupt propaganda
Nukutoa,Takuu atoll. 250km North East of Bougainville. © On The Level Productions

Earth Matters

24th May 2015
On today’s show we look at those who are on the frontlines of climate change, facing forced migration, and calling for climate justice.

Fire Up Plumbers

28th May 2015
Plumbers Union news and views

Freedom of Species

17th May 2015
A recent paper written by Leah Gibbs, Jennifer Atchison & Ingereth Macfarlane & published in Geoforum raises many questions about the place of camels in Australia. When do we accept that a species belongs here? What does the story of the camel have to tell us about our cultural development when it comes to ethnicity? While some view camels as ferals to eradicate others are building up their camel herds to eat unwanted weeds.Tune in Sunday as we chat with Leah Gibbs. Photo courteousy of Jennifer Aitchison -Thankyou Jennifer!
Presenters Gwen Elliot, Pam Vardy, AB, and Millie Ross

Gardening Show

24th May 2015
Gardening experts answer listeners gardening questions
Housing for the Aged Action Group


27th May 2015
With both his planned guests cancelling, Shane is left to rant for half an hour about the lack of public housing and disgusting conduct of private landlords in Victoria.
Keep Left

Keep Left

22nd May 2015
Centrelink, CPSU & Government cuts; why boys kill for causes; politicians & media role as supports of US Hegemony

Left After Breakfast

22nd May 2015
History- Simpson and his donkey, News- Disaster of Pell proportions, More...
Pluto and its moon Charon, as seen by the approaching New Horizons spacecraft (NASA)

Lost In Science

28th May 2015
We find out why the violet sits before red on the colour wheel, despite being at the opposite end of the rainbow, we hear how birds evolved their beaks and we take a look at poor, neglected dwarf planet Pluto.


15th May 2015
Comentarios psobre presupuesto entre otros.
Out of the Pan

Out of the Pan

24th May 2015
1st Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Melbourne and Kate Beckwith

Published or Not

28th May 2015
Our houses are inheritance and memory.
Queering the Air

Queering the Air

24th May 2015
We talk Dykes on Bikes with our guest Brydie and discuss the ins and outs of the Irish same sex marriage referendum
Radical Australia

Radical Australia

13th May 2015
Cheryl Kaulfuss on a life of activism and her work with ISJA.
Radical Philosophy

Radical Philosophy

14th May 2015
Professor Susan Dodds speaks about the ethical use of technology
Co-Chairs of ANFA, Peter Watts & Barb Shaw at the World Uranium Symposium

Radioactive Show

23rd May 2015
40 years of anti-nuclear campaigning short reflections, and Barb Shaw at the World Uranium Symposium in Quebec City, Canada
Raising Our Voices presenters

Raising Our Voices

13th May 2015
James, Amanda and Ria discuss what justice means for people with disabilities
puppeting democracy

Renegade Economists

27th May 2015
Cameron Murray on the likely returns for property insiders with powerful networks


21st May 2015
Interview with Areil Kleiman on the launch of his first feature Partisan.

Solidarity Breakfast

23rd May 2015
Left politics featuring attacks on union & the social democracy end game.
3CR Spoken Word

Spoken Word

28th May 2015
Yvette Stubbs live at The Dan Poetry sessions
Banksy street art

Stick Together

27th May 2015
We will look at and analyze the stories of workers' struggles in the most precarious and difficult working conditions from the past and present. We will look behind the story of "Jobs for Women" campaign of the Wollongon Steel Mills from the 1980s and 1990s that fought gender segregation and united unemployed and immigrant women together with the unions and the local community. We will also take a look at the National Union of Workers campaign for secure work among the immigrant farm workers, following the Four Corners Report "Slaving Away" on ABC. Interview with Godfrey Moase (National Union of Workers) and Robynn Murphy (Jobs for Women, Wollongong).
The Boldness hosts, crew and producers


15th April 2015
Julie Phillips, Disability Discrimination Legal Service
3CR Station


10th April 2015
Reclaim Australia Rally. Undercurrent Panel at Trades Hall.
Tuesday Hometime

Tuesday Hometime

26th May 2015
Book reviews, Human Rights today and Greens in the Phillipines
IWD Festival 2012

Women on the Line

25th May 2015
Amy Middleton speaks to Van Badham about community outrage over the Abbott Government's announcement that arts funding will be cut from Australia Council to make way for a new funding body.
Wrenchworthy Bicycle Shed at HOP Community Centre, Reservoir


25th May 2015
Wrenchworthy Bicycle Shed Launch + Explaining the Western Distributor