Accent of Women

28th July 2015
July 20 was a historic day for Cuba and the USA. After more than 54 years, embassies re-opened. A diplomatic victory for both peoples. Meanwhile, the embargo continues, and the illegal US prison in Guantanamo still holds and tortures people. What would this changes mean to Cubans? Is this the end of the Cuban socialist model? Is the re-establishment of diplomatic relations the same as normalisation? Kenia Serrano, President of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the People’s (ICAP) reflect on these questions.
Alternative News

Alternative News

12th July 2015
Greek Crisis, NAIDOC Week, US Human Rights Record
Anarchist World host Joe Toscano

Anarchist World

19th August 2015
You've heard of ANZAC day, Rememberance day but have you heard of VP day?

Asia Pacific Currents

22nd August 2015
Labour updates from Australia, Malaysia, South Korea, China, India and Iraq

Beyond Zero - Community

24th August 2015
How does the media and those shadowy think tanks shape community ideas about climate action.
Beyond Zero - Tech

Beyond Zero - Science and Solutions

28th August 2015
Beyond Zero talks to Yasmina Dkhissi


26th August 2015
Dr Rebecca Segrave explains new brain stimulation therapies being developed for depression.
Chin Radio

Chin Radio

13th August 2015
Chin ram harnak a tong mi caah bawmhnak le a tu lio Chin ram a thawng pang
Dr Phil Griffiths

City Limits

26th August 2015
What would be the environmental consequences of a decent worldwide minimum wage?

Dirt Radio

24th August 2015
Federal Court sets aside Carmichael mine approval


1st August 2015
Are we being dragged back into a top-down society?
Earth Matters

Earth Matters

16th August 2015
An update on the campaign to stop the Adani's proposal for a coal mine on Wangan Jagalingou country in the Gallillee Basin in QLD. Last week Mackay Conservation Group won a Federal Court case challenging the legality of 'so called' Environment Minister Greg Hunt's approval for the Carmichael  mine.    As a successful divestment campaign sees more financial institutions walking away from Adani, the future of the project is looking increasingly shaky.
Eritrean Voices

Eritrean Voices

3rd August 2015
Demonstration in Sweden

Fire Up Plumbers

6th August 2015
PTEU news and information
Animal Activists Forum

Freedom of Species

30th August 2015
Animal Activists Forum
Presenters Gwen Elliot, Pam Vardy, AB, and Millie Ross

Gardening Show

23rd August 2015
Gardening experts share their knowledge with upcoming gardening events thrown in


22nd July 2015
What will the current Victorian Government review of the state's rental laws mean for older tenants?
Keep Left

Keep Left

21st August 2015
Amazon the Walmart employer of online sales? Chinese explosion & market capitalism

Left After Breakfast

3rd July 2015
Stories of an unsung Socialist hero from Glen. The bagman returns from greece to join the commentary with Irene Bolger and Susanna.
A 2 gram piece of aerogel holding up a 2.5 kg brick (image from NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Lost In Science

27th August 2015
We ask British scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock why she loves space, and we find out how to catch stardust using aerogel, aka solid smoke.


7th August 2015
Celebrando el cumpleaños de Mafalda
Out of the Pan

Out of the Pan

30th August 2015
Slutwalk Melbourne Saturday 5 September

Published or Not

27th August 2015
Eka Kurniawan and Antonia Hayes

Queering the Air

2nd August 2015
Does the "gay voice" really exist? Jessie chats to Luke and Jack about what underpins the vocal stereotype.
Radical Australia

Radical Australia

1st July 2015
Interview with community activist and Save Albert Park campaigner Barbara Clinton Brown
Radical Philosophy

Radical Philosophy

13th August 2015
The Philosophy of Racism

Radioactive Show

22nd August 2015
Peace Pagodas counter the military in American North West
Raising Our Voices presenters

Raising Our Voices

12th August 2015
Bullying and how to combat it
housing exotic

Renegade Economists

26th August 2015
Our secret formula - land turnover a lead indicator of economic calamity!


20th August 2015
Death in Brunswick (1990) the iconic Australian film has reached it's 25th year
Sri Lankan election 2015

Solidarity Breakfast

22nd August 2015
World & local events under the microscope for progressive tendencies

Spoken Word

27th August 2015
Spoken Word - James Jackson @ the Dan
Commissioner Dyson Heydon

Stick Together

26th August 2015
Commissioner Dyson Heydon's 'accidental' acceptance of speaking engagement at Liberal Party fundraiser called into question & anti union bills rejected by Senate.
The Boldness hosts, crew and producers


29th July 2015
Taking back your human rights instead of waiting for some well-meaning person to give them to you.
3CR Station


7th August 2015
Sexual Diversity Workshop with Helena May & The 2015 Anarchist Bookfair
Tuesday Hometime

Tuesday Hometime

18th August 2015
History, South Africa, Middle East, Europe

Wednesday Breakfast

24th June 2015
Dr Jeanette Pritchard of the Monash Vision Group discusses her TEDxStKIlda talk on bionic vision

Women on the Line

31st August 2015
Two staunch women in conversation about decolonisation and the free movement of people. Lucy Honan of the Refugee Action Collective and Meriki Onus from Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance discuss the parallels between their struggles that challenge the border, the nation state, and the violence used to uphold them.
Yarra Bicycle Users Group presenters are Chris, Faith, Val and Steve.


24th August 2015
Val and Faith take a look at bells and what they might say about you and your bicycle.