Lourdes García-Larqué and Jiselle Hanna

Accent of Women

10th November 2015
Feminism in Africa discussed
Alternative News

Alternative News

12th July 2015
Greek Crisis, NAIDOC Week, US Human Rights Record
Anarchist World host Joe Toscano

Anarchist World

25th November 2015
Sifting through the MISINFORMATION surrounding what's happening in Syria. We're NOT here to die for the State.

Asia Pacific Currents

21st November 2015
Labour updates of workers struggles in the Asia Pacific region and opposition to the APEC summit in the Philippines
COP21 looms, but will their pledges be enough to save the world

Beyond Zero - Community

Beyond Zero - Tech

Beyond Zero - Science and Solutions

20th November 2015
Prof Michael Aziz is developing a flow battery that stores energy through biodegradable organic materials


18th November 2015
Suzanne Hurley from PANDA comes on the show in light of Perinatal Anxiety and Depression Week, to talk about the mental health issues before, during and after pregnancy.
Chin Radio

Chin Radio

3rd September 2015
Chinland Thawng, Community Thawng, le Zaanglek Thawng
Cam Walker from Friends of the Earth

City Limits

25th November 2015
A chat with Cam Walker (FOE) about the latest mining disasters and what that means for mines proposed in Australia. Also we introduce Emma Warren as a new co-presenter and talk about her background in urban planning, permaculture and landscape architecture

Dirt Radio

23rd November 2015
Climate change against economical growth, The voice of the people during COP21


7th November 2015
Our children's birthright should not be the plaything of market theocratists.
The yakka skink lives where the largest thermal coal mine in Australia may be developed

Earth Matters

15th November 2015
The Central Queensland mine was approved by Greg Hunt again in mid October. Mackay Conservation Group & ACF speak on the reapproval.
Eritrean Voices

Eritrean Voices

3rd August 2015
Demonstration in Sweden

Fire Up Plumbers

12th November 2015
News from the The Plumbing Trades Employment Union (PTEU)
Bruce Friedrich from The Good Food Institute

Freedom of Species

22nd November 2015
Bruce Friedrich - Animal Activist Forum 2015
Presenters Gwen Elliot, Pam Vardy, AB, and Millie Ross

Gardening Show

22nd November 2015
Gardening tips, events and advice
Greek Resistance Bulletin

Greek Resistance Bulletin

13th October 2015
Interview with Thanasis Kampayiannis, an anti-fascist lawyer on the most recent developments in the trial of Golden Dawn.
Green Left Weekly Radio

Green Left Weekly Radio

20th November 2015
News articles and interview with Bev Smiles.


23rd September 2015
Shane and Tegan talk about recent housing news, including the recent CHP conference and awards.
Keep Left

Keep Left

20th November 2015
Victorian Labour College discussion this week's topics Terrorism & Capitalism

Left After Breakfast

18th September 2015
WWI Sedition charges, Exploited fast food workers, Malcolm is all Bull.

Lost In Science

26th November 2015
Why do elephants hardly ever get Cancer? How long have humans kept bees? How did Einstein become famous for publishing his general theory of relativity?


6th November 2015
Comentarios sobre el clima, novedades, noticias
Sally Goldner, 3CR's Out of the Pan

Out of the Pan

15th November 2015
Coming Out Like a Porn Star and Discovery
Palestine Remembered

Palestine Remembered

12th September 2015
Haya Muneer Kildani on Jordan, human rights, migration and more

Published or Not

19th November 2015
An astronaut's life in short story and a musician's life set in Cooktown.

Queering the Air

15th November 2015
In this episode, J&T talk about Radicalisation and the Islamophobia Industry with Arun Kundnani and Nathan Lean
Radical Australia

Radical Australia

1st July 2015
Interview with community activist and Save Albert Park campaigner Barbara Clinton Brown
Radical Philosophy

Radical Philosophy

12th November 2015
Catherine McDonald speaks about War

Radioactive Show

14th November 2015
Featuring compelling recordings taken at the 'Renewables not Radioactive ' forum held in the Port Augusta in October 2015
Raising Our Voices presenters

Raising Our Voices

11th November 2015
Breaking the Culture of Control Over People with a Disability

Renegade Economists

18th November 2015
From the Sicilian mafia to Scottish nationalism tinged land reform, a sweet Scottish accent to tell the tale


12th November 2015
Made in Melbourne Film Festival Nov 26-Nov 29 at Backlot Studios

Solidarity Breakfast

21st November 2015
Anti Facist Rally, Aust Climate Change Targets and regulars Kevin Healy & Dr Noah Bassil

Spoken Word

26th November 2015
Spoken Word - Loran Steinberg @ Woodend Chamber Art & Coffee House / Steve Smart & Randall Stephens @ Tago Mago
Save Our Steel

Stick Together

18th November 2015
Steel workers save Australia's capacity to make local steel with historic deal while the Senate Inquiry into working visas exploittion branches out.
The Boldness hosts, crew and producers


The Concrete Gang, 3CR

Concrete Gang

22nd November 2015
Join the boys for your weekly dose of industrial news and humour from the CFMEU
3CR Station


23rd October 2015
Andy & Cam discuss recent far-Right and neo-Nazi activity in Australia.
Tuesday Hometime

Tuesday Hometime

24th November 2015
Melton, Venezuela, Occupation, Nuggan Hand Bank

Wednesday Breakfast

24th June 2015
Dr Jeanette Pritchard of the Monash Vision Group discusses her TEDxStKIlda talk on bionic vision
Black Voices Poster

Women on the Line

23rd November 2015
In Our Own Words is an organisation that exists to encourage the development of young Afro-Black people through self awareness, de-colonial thinking and community empowerment. We chat with co-founders Aysha Tufa and Soreti Kadir about their upcoming conference Black Voices where they are curating a whole day of workshops, panels and performances with amazing international and local guests.
What's the future of cycling in Yarra?


23rd November 2015
Discussion includes cycling issues over the previous decade in Yarra, budget allocations, the lack of will towards developing a new bike strategy, implications of mid-2016 rates capping for Victorian councils, lack of a positive narrative for active travel coming from our local council and how you can have input into Yarra Councils budget process for 2016-17 and beyond.