Beyond Zero Community Show

Beyond Zero - Community

9th March 2015
Our economic and bodily health in relation to climate change is examined in this episode.
Beyond Zero - Tech

Beyond Zero - Science and Solutions

27th March 2015
BZE talks to Sunverge


18th March 2015
Jacqui speaks about Bipolar 2
Jim McIlroy speaking at Direct Action forum in Melbourne. Also on platform are Jamie Doughney and Kevin Healy and Bob Hogg

City Limits

18th March 2015
Housing issues for the age, and Helen Said's new book "Five Egyptian Pounds"


21st March 2015
The DOGS fight for separation of church and state, to bring an end to state aid of church and independant schools and to provide equality of educational opportunity for ALL Australian children
Earth Matters

Earth Matters

29th March 2015
An introduction to the universe of Cli-Fi; and an update of the campaign against duck shooting.
Presenters Gwen Elliot, Pam Vardy, AB, and Millie Ross

Gardening Show

29th March 2015
Coming into winter, upcoming gardening events & gardening advice
Keep Left

Keep Left

27th March 2015
Victorian Labour College discussions about contemporary issues from a working class perspective
Dr. Pam Rana & Tom Lang

Lost In Science

26th March 2015
We meet some funny scientists with a show in the Melbourne comedy festival, come to a consensus over new research about... consensus, and talk to a Microbiologist about microbes.
Out of the Pan

Out of the Pan

29th March 2015
Selina Jenkins talks Beau Heartbreaker and Comedy Festival

Published or Not

26th March 2015
Murder in the past and life in the future
Radical Philosophy

Radical Philosophy

Raising Our Voices presenters

Raising Our Voices

11th February 2015
James tells us all about the Branching Out art show and his new job selling the Big Issue and Tim discusses transport and accessibility.
Renegade Economists logo

Renegade Economists

25th March 2015
Fred Harrison on rentier controlled economic policy

Spoken Word

12th March 2015
This edition of Spoken Word brings live poetry from LaMama Poetica, with MC Amanda Anastasi and featured poets: Peter Bakowski and Gemma White. In second week April 2015 will come part two of this night.
Technicians go to Canberra to protest ICC World Cup Cricket outsourcing

Stick Together

25th March 2015
Overseas technicans shoot the ICC World Cup Cricket for first time and gender wage inequality leaving women distitute in old age.
IWD Festival 2012

Women on the Line

23rd March 2015
Kelli Jean Drinkwater talks radical body politics and about her life as an activist


30th March 2015
Chris talks to Lachie Thomson about the 23rd Cycle Messenger World Championships starting in Melbourne this week