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Saturday 9:00am to 9:30am
Stories and issues from the Asia Pacific region with a labour and grassroots perspective. Regular interviews with activists from countries in the Asia Pacific region. Produced by Australia-Asia Worker Links.


Jiselle Hanna and Pier Moro


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Human rights abuses under military rule in Fiji

Human rights abuses continue in Fiji under military rule and labour updates from around the region
6 Feb 2016

Cambodian garment workers fight for a living wage

Update on labour struggles in the region and interview with Sineat Yon on ongoing campaign by garment workers in Cambodia
19 Dec 2015

Workers struggles in the Philippines and regional solidarity

Labour updates of workers' struggles from countries in the Asia-Pacific region and interview with Len Cooper on workers struggles in the Philippines
12 Dec 2015

The fight for refugee rights in Australia continues

Labour updates from workers struggles in the Asia Pacific region and interview with Chris Breen on refugee rights in Australia
5 Dec 2015

About Asia Pacific Currents

Asia Pacific Currents (APC) is the program of Australia Asia Worker Links (AAWL). AAWL works to build international solidarity links between workers as the best means to develop and strengthen workers' rights in the Asia Pacific region.

We broadcast stories and issues from the Asia Pacific region giving a labour a grassroots perspective. Programs feature regular interviews with activists returning from solidarity visits, overseas guests visiting Australia, and activists from the Asia Pacific region.

APC first went to air in the mid 1980s. We broadcast stories and issues from the Asia Pacific region from a labour and grassroots perspective.

The programs feature regular interviews with labour and human rights activists of the Asia Pacific region, updates on solidarity campaigns and reports of labour and progressive struggles in the region.

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