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Fire Up MUA is events and issues in the Maritime industry, politics and community. Presented by 3CR affiliate the Maritime Union of Australia. Alternates fortnightly with the Plumbers Union of Australia.


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Assistant Branch Secretary Jeffrey Hoy with National Youth Delegate Melissa McMullen Co-hosting the Victorian Branch Maritime Union of Australia Fire Up show.

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On the May 17th show, both Melissa and myself run hard on the message that if we want to change the rules, we need to change the fools that are currently in office. Jeff mistakenly goes to see Lawrence Mooney at the Seaford Hotel on Tuesday night to see Lawrence Mooneys hilarious impersonation of Malcolm Turnbull that he had heard about. Unfortunately for Jeff, he gets Malcolm Turnbull instead performing his own brand of champagne comedy. Malcolm Turnbull was trying to convince Dunkley voters to sway his way for better pay. Sorry Malcolm, the jokes over. It's time for the Prince of Point Piper to go. At 0-62 in the most recent polls having Tony claim the first 30 losses, the drums are beating no matter how much media control Malcolms had. Throw in some song dedications from a Barnaby Joyce from Tamworth to Malcolm- Under Pressure by Queen, and a song dedication from a Tony Abbott from Bittersville (a small country town on the east coast of Australia) - Road to Nowhere by Talking Heads, and I think you get a drift of the vibe of the show.  We throw our support behind Mich-Elle Myers for ALP National President, and we celebrate the decision to throw out the charges against John Setka and Shaun Reardon, as that news comes through just as we were finishing our pre-record on Wedneday.