Interview with Rachel Evans re same sex marriage; Zebedee Parks re Radical Ideas Conference; Fred Fuentes re Venezuela post referendum

Friday, 11 August 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7: Intro; Welcome to country

Discussion on homelessness; Sydney tent occupation and public housing issues in Victoria and its politics; refugee issues and Australian policies; deaths caused by this government that is in breach of human rights as per Amnesty International

7.10; Interview with Rachel Evans on LGBTQI issues relating to same sex marriage

7.22: News about the gig economy; a double page article examining the details of the re packaging of this old fashioned piece work; The Russian Revolution 1917

7.25; Fred Fuentes on the aftermath of the referendum and the structure of the governing bodies in Venezuela; The state of the opposition in Venezuela post referendum; the attack by the Trump government and the opposition within the conservative governments in South America.

8.04 Activists Calendar

8.10; Interview with Zebedee Parks about the Radical Ideas Conference in Melbourne; the reasons for it and the details of the agenda and venue; 

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