Wongatha, Yamatji and Noongar, Gitja woman and actress Shareena Clanton;Venezuelan political; Moreland busk for free speech; cutting of License testing and roadworthy certification services Brimbank

Friday, 4 August 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7am Intro and acknowledgement of country


7:03 – 7:10am Audio: Wongatha, Yamatji and Noongar, Gitja woman and actress Shareena Clanton speaking at the Justice for Elijah Doughty Rally held in Fed Square on Friday July 28th 2017. 

7:10am News: Jacob reports on the Justice for Elijah rally.

7:15am Interview: Denis Rogyatuk, Green Left Radio correspondent, talks to Jacob and Zane about the Venezuelan political situation and the constituent assembly elections held at the weekend. We look at the constituent assembly process in some detail.

7:38am Interview – David Nunns, ASU organiser and Moreland resident, talks with Jacob, Denis and Zane about the Moreland busk for free speech being held at Brunswick town hall on Sunday. The rally will call for Moreland council to abandon plans to implement a permit system for buskers.

8:00am Activist calendar

8:10am interview with Brimbank Mayor John Hedditch and community campaigner Peter Thomson re: Vicroads Sunshine branch office relocation and associated cutting of License testing and roadworthy certification services. If these cuts to services proceed, upwards of a quarter of a million people serviced by that branch will have to travel substantial distances to access these services. A rally will be held at noon on August 18 at the Vic roads office in Sunshine.

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