Super security; Venezuela;Palestine and Israel; Medical Association for prevention of War; justice for Elijah;

Friday, 28 July 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7: intro and welcome to country

7.05 current news: Details of the family history of Matt Canavan; Discussion on the constitution about the validity of dual citizenship in current political climate; Discussion on the Super security and a Home minister Peter Dutton

7.15 News on Venezuela and the obligations of the Left around the world; Explains the misunderstandings; the possible attack on a public meeting on 29thon a discussion on what is happening in Venezuela

7.30 More current news form the latest Green left weekly Rally calls for justice for Elijah;

7.45: News on Palestine re the latest issue between Palestine and Israel; regarding the band Radiohead and its support for the Israeli regime

8.00 Activist Calendar

8.10 Interview with the president of the Medical Association for prevention of War (MAPW) regarding the UN treaty on the prohibition of Nuclear WeaponsOutlawing the use of the worst weapons of mass destruction – establishing a pathway to their elimination

8.22; ended with a song rom Dr.Yunupingu followed by outro

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