Green Left Weekly Radio - Episode 201706230700

Friday, 23 June 2017 - 7:00am to 8:30am

7: Introduction

7.02: Welcome to country

7.04: News from Green Left Weekly: Statoil to drill for oil in Great Australian Bight; Ukraine to buy Uranium from Australia ; Logging plans threaten native animals and threaten the species ; 7 Eleven workers compensated; Ongoing industrial dispute in Myrtleford with Carter Holt Harvey  Adani versus the Traditional owners ; Queensland government abandons the gay community

7.15: Interview with Dr. Andrea Bunting re a response to the Finkel Report

7.35: Jacob joined and spoke about UK elections and the fallout from this as well as given the Grenfell tower fire;  Venezuela and the reactionary right and their campaign:

8: Activist calendar

8.10: Interview with Sue Bolton re the housing crisis in Victoria and all over Australia; mentioned the housing campaign launched by Her in Brunswick and another meeting by Steve Jolly the Richmond counsellor who together with Bolton is fighting this crisis at the local government level

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