Sue Wareham, Graeme Dunstan, Aaron Packard, Henry Reynolds, Denise Brailey
Morgan Carpenter, Mark Donaddu, John Safran
Hannah Dahlan, David Shearman, Anthony Bebbington, Fiona Patten, Sharon McLennon, and Kate Aubrey
Helen Rayment, Kelly O'Shanassy, Jake Wishart, Jane Williamson and Bob Phelps.
Jamie Gardiner, a vice-president of Liberty Victoria, Fiona Patton, MLC, Reason Party, Jane Green, Vixen Collective, Prof Samantha Hepburn, Director, Centre for Energy and Natural Resources Law, Deakin University
Sister Jane, Nick Rose, Amelie Vanderstock, Loretta O'Brian and Vincent Alessi
Tanya Hill, Shirley Winton, Greg Denham and Ali MC.
Hugo the poet, Kevin Russell, Hussein Dia, Emilie Ens and James Tresize.
Tim Wright, Dani Weber, Amy Maiden, Mehmet Ozalp, and Bob Phelps
James speaks with Prof Dennis Altman, Dr Avis Ridgway, Gem Rumold and Dr Jason Potts.
Louise Sales, hilip Samartzis, Madelynne Cornish, Benoit Bories, Antoinette Braybrook, Tim Jones and Nathan Beard
Medika Thorpe, Linsey Gosper, Jose Ramos, Maria Tanyag and Tanya Notley.
Laura Chipp, Shane Hopkins, Amy Frew, Graham Willett, Nevena Spirovska .
Nicole Baker-Bryso, Harry Hobbs, Giordano Nannie and Timothy Jones
Vivien Langford, Heather Keith, Catherine Cock, Jake Redman, Euphemia Rustle, Colleen Hartland
Nic Holas, Tess Lawley, Mike Reynolds, Clinton Pryor, Nour Abouzeld, Shima Hamima, and Fofo Nshmirimana
Dr Lucas de Toca, Dennis Muller, Nina Ross, Gabrielle de Vietri and Laura Collister
Andrew Kelly, Kaye Mehta, Andreas Harsono, Jessica Tav, Henry Churchill, , Lisa Gye
Discussion of Rohingya Crisis
Jason Von Meding
Kinglake Earthships, Pine Gap- Mind the Gap, Rohingya peoples plight
Interviews and discussion on Melbourne's 'no homeless ban', the first Indian Pacific Wheel Race, alternative news, and commentary.
Di, Patrick and Nick
Dr Jeanette Pritchard of the Monash Vision Group discusses her TEDxStKIlda talk on bionic vision
Dr Jeanette Pritchard
Alice Morell from The Mother Movement discusses her TEDxStKilda talk on motherhood
Alice Morell
Danny Blay, former director of No To Violence, discusses his TEDxStKIlda talk on men's violence
Danny Blay
Sally Tonkin, TEDxStKilda speaker from the St Kilda Gatehouse on the importance of recognition
Sally Tonkin
Dr Devi Stuart-Fox of the University of Melbourne discusses her TEDxStKilda talk on animal evolution and colour
Dr Devi Stuart-Fox
Joel Cohen - RANGA rights - TEDxStKilda
Joel Cohen and Squirrel Main
Dr Stefan Fothe, TEDxStKilda speaker from the Boston Consulting Group on expert learning
Dr Stefan Fothe
TEDxStKilda speaker Jeremy Limpens discusses the value of saying 'sorry' in health care
Jeremy Limpens
Joel Cohen - RANGA rights - TEDxStKilda
Joel Cohen and Squirrel Main