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We could consider earth as a rental property. God comes down to do an inspection and he/she says ”What are all these holes in the property? Why is all my coral bleached? What have you done with all the trees? …. ?” I can tell you. You won’t get your bond back. #StopAdani Roadshow M

Films demand and bring out our human and emotional responses and that’s no less true when the subject is the climate crisis and climate solutions.

Go ahead and ride the highs and lows of this emotional rollercoaster as this week BZE’s Vivien Langford covers just some of the highlights from the first ever Sydney screening of the 2017 Transitions Film Festival, plus an excerpt from Danny Kennedy’s presentation for the recent #StopAdani Roadshow.
  • David Ritter  – David is CEO of Greenpeace Australia Pacific, introducing the Sydney screening of the Josh Cox film How To Let Go of the World – and love all the things climate change can’t change. David Ritter talks about the emotional blow of seeing the Great Barrier Reef bleaching. From the poignant singer in the flooded subway after Superstorm Sandy to the man weeping after the film, but wanting to talk to us about the feelings climate change is flooding him with, this is a show with a difference.
  • Miriam Lyons, Blair Palese, Piers Grove – GetUp!, and Energy Lab on the panel discussing the film There Will be WaterBlair and Miriam talk about the exhilaration of being part of the change, how they stay informed, stand their ground on social license and even wax philosophical about Elon Musk and Malcolm Turnbull and what their tweets and phone calls might mean for just what chance we have of a future. Piers talks about Canberra company Reposit Power and the potential of the technology as an exciting evolution, not just a solution to a problem.
  • Danny Kennedy – Co-founder of Sungevity, Managing Director of the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF),  and #StopAdani Roadshow presenter. Danny is an Australian entrepreneur who sees so many start-ups and positive signs that you just want to get on board. Thanks Danny – BZE is all for that too!
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