Rasha Tayeh on Food Sovereignty; Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh on Violence and Environmental Impacts of the Occupation

Wednesday, 8 May 2024 - 7:30am to 8:30am
Rasha Tayeh | Events in Naarm

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On this special episode, we hear a conversation between Grace and Rasha Tayeh, a Palestinian artist, researcher, herbalist, nutritionist and founder of Beit e’ Shai teahouse. They discuss food sovereignty and the ways that the colonial project and Zionist state of Israel violently prevents Palestinians from foraging and harvesting food. 


Later in the episode, Rasha shares an interview she conducted with Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh, a Palestinian scientist, researcher, teacher and author based in Bethlehem, where he offers a unique first-hand experience and knowledge of the violence and environmental impacts of the occupation.


Rasha will be speaking at the following events this week

  • Tue 7 May 6pm: Popular Resistance in Palestine - A History of Hope and Empowerment at Victoria University Building G, G370 (Ballarat Road)

  • Wed 8 May 6pm: Occupation, the environment & food security in Palestine forum at RMIT 

  • Thu 9 May 6pm: Event with Beit e'Shai & First Nations colleagues, Land, Biodiversity & the Colony: a conversation with Prof Mazin Qumsiyeh & more, at Aunty Alma's Gathering Place, 550 High St Preston 

  • Sat 11 May 5:30pm: The Biodiversity and Extinction Crisis in Palestine, hosted by Multicultural Greens Victoria, Community Hub at the Dock, 912 Collins St, Docklands 

  • Sun 12 May 5pm: the Environmental Nakba - A First Nations forum on the effects of colonisation on Indigenous Lands, hosted by Friends of the Earth, 126A Gladstone Avenue, Northcote


Find details for all upcoming events via rashatayeh.com