The Good Immigrant

Friday 8:00pm to 9:00pm
An Anatolian eco-feminist approach to dismantling the toxic misconception of “The Good Immigrant".

Özesu Yaman Keles & Özgü Güntekin



The Good Immigrant

About The Good Immigrant

The Good Immigrant

Presented by Özesu Keles and Özgü Güntekin.

Turkish language program, presented weekly on Friday evenings from 8-9pm.  

The Good Immigrant invites the audience to have the difficult conversations. The historical complexities of “migrants” sit at the fragile intersection of colonialism, racism and class domination especially here in Australia.  We particularly investigate migrant women’s experience given the dual status, as women and as the marginalised. The Good Immigrant will celebrate the creative, academic and labour achievements of Anatolian immigrants through discussion around their work and community organisations that they’re involved in. It will also be a platform for information sharing about some of the challenges that people face when trying to access higher education, public services, job opportunities and also opportunities for connecting with community organisations that can support their development in these areas.  We are on a journey to dismantle the toxic misconception of “The Good Immigrant”.

Would you care to join us?