And This One's Introduced By... Nicky Bomba introducing tracks from his album Food & Shelter

Thursday, 25 November 2021 - 11:30pm to Friday, 26 November 2021 - 12:30am

Nicholas Caruana also known as  Nicky Bomba is the main man in an incredible live band the 34 piece Melbourne Ska Orchestra who've  released 10 albums and played music festivals around the world with an idea to get as many horn players as possible on stage at the same time playing ska skank.

Nicky has an extensive music resume, he was the drummer in his brother-in -law's band the John Butler trio, he's recorded with Joe Camilleri, releasing Limestone  in 2005, an album of covers and original music and he's formed numerous groups including Bomba, Bustamento, The Truth and Banana Oil.

Food & Shelter finds those seeds in fertile ground, drawing on all Bomba’s experience exploring styles from reggae to jazz, funk and ethnic folk to create music with a bold, contemporary voice. As the title suggests, the album is about going back to basics on the path to discovery.

Self-sufficiency has long been one of Bomba’s personal goals. That’s why he taught himself the art of recording in the first place, to keep musical control at his fingertips. If it ever came to a point where a musician couldn’t even be in a room with musical collaborators – a time where we were all locked down in our homes for an extended period, for example – there would still be a way forward. Food & Shelter is the first album he has made where he plays, writes and sings every note, all recorded in the studio at his home in the beautiful mountain country of north-eastern Victoria.

Thursday 11:30pm to 12:30am
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