Music Matters - 19-11-21

Friday, 19 November 2021 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Playlist: 19-11-2021 hosted by Joe

Moonstruck – Kev Carmody; Cannot Buy My Soul - The Songs of Kev Carmody [2020]
NYX Poetry - Lady Lash; Spiritual Misfit [Machinery Records][2021]*
No Longer There – Spinifex Gum; Single [2021]
Caught – Melanie Eden; A Sinkless Shore [2021]*
Parking Lots (Revisited) - Mia Dyson; Parking Lots (Revisited)[2020]

Interview with Mia Dyson from L.A. USA talking about revisiting select songs from the “Parking Lots” record from “17 years ago” and living in the northern hemisphere with family and musical relationships here in so called Australia.

Choose (Revisited) - Mia Dyson; Parking Lots (Revisited)[2020]
Precious Stone – Oliver Mann Stefano Pilia ft. Mick Turner; Single (Eastmint)[2021]*
Silver Night – Adele Oliver; From The River [2020]
Time and Tide - Banbury Cross; Single [2021]
Don't Ask Him The Time (ft. Susy Hull) - 32 Bars in 32 Bars; 32 Bars in 32 Bars {YouTube)[2021]
Egyptian Lover (Ft. Dallas Woods & JUJO - Jordan Dennis; Single [2021]*
Walk the Night (Dark Room Version) – EWAH & The Vision of Paradise; Single [2021]*
On Hold - Trad Ukiyo; Songs From Home (Tremorverse Records)[2020]*
Crypto - Space Coins demo Mix - Darrow; Demo [2021]
Science Has The Facts, People Lose With Fake News – Mat Ward; Why I Protest [2021]*
Genious of Love (Money Mark Remix) - Tom Tom Club; Single ES782 [2021]
Wordy Rappinghood - Andy Murphy; Andy Murphy Presents Nite Theory (Vicious Recordings)[2021]
Shoulder To Shoulder - Strange Tenants; Movin' In / We Are Stronger (1984)(1985)[2021]

Interview with Bruce Hearn about the new re-issue/compliation of the 2 early Strange Tenants releases “Movin' In / We Are Stronger” and the upcoming live shows celebrating 40 years on the road !

Dreaming Of You – Strange Tenants; Movin' In / We Are Stronger (1984)(1985)[2021]
Which One Are You - Atomga; Single [2020]*
Galah - de ePoX; Duty to Consume [2020]
Eureka! - Country Pumpkins; Fresh Picked [2021]

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