Music Matters - Episode 202109241200

Friday, 24 September 2021 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm

Playlist: 24-9-2021 hosted by Joe

Stranger Ft. Kee'ahnDallas Woods; Single [2021]
Every Step Of The Way - Paul Kelly; Single [2021]
Contact Lens – Tushara Rose; Demos 1 [Critter records][2021]*
Welcome to Somewhere - Confucius MC; Somewhere [2021]*
High Rise - The Omega Point; Single/Video [2021]
Cicada 3301 feat. Strange U & Lee Scott - Confucius MC; Somewhere [2021]*
I See You - Ferla; Single [2021]
Der Rhythmus der Maschinen [ft. Blixa Bargeld] - Public Service Broadcasting; Bright Magic [2021]*
Organised Religious Sounds – Great Earthquake; Organised Religious Sounds [2020]*
Wounded Knee – T. Wilds [Tania Bowers]; Ten Songs [2021]
Southern Gothic - The Weeping Willows; Southern Gothic EP [2021]*
Carolina Bound - Aida Victoria; A Southern Gothic [2021]*
Dissolve - Pablo Naranjo; Ecos Del Frio [2021]*
The Woman Who Loves You - Ruby Jones; Single [Encouragement Award winner of The Darebin Songwriters Award][2021]
Lifeline – Bridget Allan; Single [2021]*
Transparent – Abe Dunovits; Transparent [2021]*
The Initiate – Curse Ov Dialect; Dark Days Bright Nights [Heavy Machinery Records][2021]*
A Rain Song - Ryuichi Sakamoto; Esperanto [1985][2021]
Skiddiks – Nina Buchanan; Restless Abandon [Heavy Machinery Records][2021]*
Screaming - RUBY 9100M; Single [Club Media][Avastar][2021]
The Great Magician - Blue Channel; The Survival Of Consciousness [2021]
Space Zombies Are (Really) Coming (Terrificus Remix) - DWEEB CITY AND TERRIFICUS; Microwave Remix EP [2021]*
Geometry Of You - Joan As Police Woman & Tony Allen & Dave Okumu; The Solution Is Restless [2021]
Grabba Man - Keya Nemesis; Lala Salama [2021]*
Upsetter - Danny Mayer; Single [2021]*
Tribute to Richard H Kirk 1956 – 2021 Founder of Cabaret Voltaire Live Mix using material from the recordings:
#7885 (Electropunk to Technopop 1978-1985)[2014]* Micro-Phonies [1984]* The Crackdown [1983]* Code [1987]*
Plasticity [1992]* Virtual State [Richard H Kirk][1993]* International Language [1993]* Sandoz In Dub: Chant to Jah [2007]* Shadow of Fear [2020]*

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Friday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
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Jane Brownrigg and Joe Malignaggi