Music Matters - Episode 201601011200

Friday, 1 January 2016 - 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Playlist presented by Jane
Explosions in the sky / First breath after coma / The earth is not a cold dead place
Ben Lee / Cigarettes will kill you
The Basics / Rattle my chain / Stand out/fit in
Jess Locke / Another year / Words that seem to slip away
Joshua Seymour / Nothing to me now / Rope tied hope
Henry Wagons (ft. Patience Hodgeson) / A hangman's work is never done / Expecting company?
Scott and Charlene's wedding / 1993 / Any port in a storm
Twerps / Love at first sight / Spring sampler Chapter Music
Briggs, Gurrumal and Dewayne Everettsmith / The children came back / Charcoal Lane 25th anniversary edition
Dirty Three / Sea above, sky below / Ocean songs
Charlie Marshall and the Body Electric / Won't give up / The Body Electric
Low / Taking down the tree / Xmas ep
Calexico / Sunken waltz / Feast of wire
John Flanagan / High on high
Benny Walker / Summer Sun / Summer Sun
Rob Snarski / Golden Boy / Low Fidelity
The Orbweavers / Periods of rock and light / Blue Lake / Spotswood / Live at 3cr
The Orbweavers / Poison Garden
Benny Walker / You and Me / Summer Sun
The Orbweavers / Merri Christmas Allocasurina remix / Mistletone Manatee Matinee
Co hosted by Jane Brownrigg and Joe Malignaggi alternating Fridays
Friday 12:00pm to 2:00pm
Diverse new sounds from the crate and around the planet, special live-in-the-studio performances from a range of interesting artists, interviews and gig guides. Featuring diverse new sounds from independent local & global artists, special live-in-the-studio performances, interviews and local gig guide. Every fortnight, Jane brings you a subjective guide to local gigs, playing the music of the performers she recommends you get out and see live that week. On alternate Fridays, Joe will do more of the same with a little bit of reflection and delving into some recent releases.


Jane Brownrigg and Joe Malignaggi