Midnight Mass

Tuesday 12:00am to 1:00am
Midnight Mass presents Psytrance to community radio, blasting the airwaves with the freshest releases within the Night Time Psytrance genre every week. Regular segments feature friends from the scene for special guest mixes, talking electronic music production, DJing and news.

Gabi Misiorek


Latest episode

31 March

About Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass presents Night Psychedelic Trance Music on 3CR every Tuesday at midnight.



Most recent track list (updated 17/03/2020):

Earthworm, Doom's - Storm Breaker

Yabba Dabba, Hydra-E - Critical Ideas

 Anubian - Universal Beings

Akkma - Prophecy

Sionnach, Mik-ha - Siolim Patrol

Nargun, Antonymous - Monuments of Nature

Arjuna, Nargun - Glimpses of Symphony

Noctune - Go Wild, Baby