Midnight Mass

Wednesday 11:00pm to 12:00am
Midnight Mass presents Psytrance to community radio, blasting the airwaves with the freshest releases within the Night Time Psytrance genre every week. Regular segments feature friends from the scene for special guest mixes, talking electronic music production, DJing and news.

Gabi Misiorek


Latest episode

1 July


About Midnight Mass

Midnight Mass presents Night Psychedelic Trance Music on 3CR. We talk about electronic music production and djing too sometimes.




Most recent track list (updated 25/06/2020):

Antonymous, Elowinz - Essence of Seeing

Luminara - Arcing Patterns

Auraka & Human 24 - Forest Trespassing

Insane Creatures, Diplodocus - Resemble Instincts 

Metatron, Gahara - Scromiting

Metatron - Oke 

Fractal Calangos - Dwell Time

Cyk, Piazer - Fatal Knowledge

ChromArepo - Mental Connection

ChromArepo - CEMPT

Hexapoda - Corixa Punctata