Election results in Venezuela, human genetic engineering, Food Sovereignty in Palestine webinar Pt. 2, worldwide push for deep-sea mining & further issues of concern for the people of the Philippines

Tuesday, 30 November 2021 - 4:00pm to 6:00pm

 His week that was – Kevin Healy,

 Election results in Venezuela – Fred Fuentes, journalist, author and activist,

 Human genetic engineering – Bob Phelps, director of GeneEthics Network,

 Part 2 of the launch for the appeal for Palestinian women farmers devastated by blockade and bombing, Food Sovereignty in Palestine webinar – Nick Rose (Executive Director of SUSTAIN), Andrew Laidlaw (president of Global Gardens of Peace), Amy Tracy and Savannah Subski (founders, Just Food Collective), Rasha Tayeh (Nutritionist & Beit e'shai founder), Laurel Thomas (Free Palestine Melbourne), Nasser Mashni (APAN Vice-President and 3CR presenter)

New worldwide push for deep-sea mining – Natalie Lowrey from the Deep Sea Mining Campaign,

Further issues of concern for the people of the Philippines – human rights advocate Peter Murphy.