Hip Sista Hop

Sunday 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Playing dope tracks by dope FeMCs. Focusing and amplifying the voices of Indigenous & women of colour. Featuring dialogues of race, politics, womanhood, capitalism and Friday night messiness.

DJ Abyss


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21 February

About Hip Sista Hop

Women's hip hop featuring guest MCs, women in the community creating and executing remarkable things & motions, creative executives, writers, poets, DJ's, illustrators and producers.

Hip Hop as a resistive art form and a means of communicating within and across communities has a long history in Australia and other nations. We're excited about playing music that speaks back to power, and breaks silences around oppression. We also like to play old school grl hip hop, pbr&b, soul and saucy mixes to simmer down your Sunday sessions.

Shout out to all the laydy hip hop artists/ activists/ beat-writers/ producers out there. If you are any of these we'd love to interview you on Hip Sista Hop, play your music, promo your work. Send us a message with your contact details either via email on: hsh3cr@gmail.com or via facebook: @hipsistahop

We also compile songs aired onto dope playlists. Listen to some lovely ladies via the below:

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/hipsistahop

Spotify: The Hip Sista Hop Show