Confronting The Far Right, Red Is The New Green, Campaign To End Live Exports of Animals

Friday, 10 May 2019 - 7:00am to 8:30am
Introductions and Acknowledgement of Country

- Melbourne gets its third socialist councillor with Bridgid O'Brien elected to Yarra city council following the resignation of Greens councillor Mike McEvoy. 

- Newcastle Greens forum on confronting the far right cancelled after the venue (Gallipoli club Newcastle) receives threats from fascists including 'True Blue Crew', which has links to Philip Galea (charged with attempting terrorist attacks against left wing targets in Melbourne) and the Christchurch mass shooter.

- 3CR Radiothon 2019 is coming soon!

Music Track: "Blue Lake" by Orbweavers

Extended interview: Meghan and Zane speak with Manuel Monin, a visiting member of the Workers Party of Belgium (PTB-PVDA). 

The workers party is unique in Belgium in that it is a single Belgium wide party, whereas all other parties have two distinct and separate organisations; one for the Flemish / Dutch speaking part of the country in the North, and another for the French  speaking part of the country in the south. 

marxist-leninist organisation with a strong focus on climate and the environment ("red is the new green"), the workers party made substantial gains at the 2018 local government elections and are looking to build on this at the coming Belgian National elections and European Parliament elections, being held concurrently on May 26.

Manuel is volunteering with Socialist Alliance and the Victorian Socialists while in Australia and also spoke about similarities and differrences between socialist organisations in the two countries, and the differrent electoral systems.

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Interview: Meghan, Zane and Manuel speak with Lisa Chalk from Animals Australia about the campaign to end live exports, beginning with sheep exports.

Sheep are exported in squalid and inhumane conditions from Australia to various countries, in particular in the middle east, and when being shipped during the northern summer rapidly go from winter temperatures to summer temperatures, with no time to acclimatise. Huge numbers of sheep often die on the ships being cooked alive from the inside out.

majority of Australians are opposed to live exports.
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